Staging the Life of Arap Ali: A Success at BRTK

Arap Ali’s Life Story Comes to Life in ‘Ali’m’ Project

A captivating show titled ‘Ali’m’, based on the life story of Arap Ali, the legendary figure from the folk song ‘Mağusa Limanı’, was recently staged in Namık Kemal Square to an enthusiastic audience.

With a team of 150 talented individuals, the ‘Ali’m Project’ successfully portrayed the life of Arap Ali, following extensive research conducted by the Academy Art Association. The show, held in Famagusta, was a blend of dance, theatre, and musical performances that left a lasting impact on the viewers.

Before the show commenced, Gencay Eroğlu, President of the Academy Art Association, shared insights about the project and expressed gratitude towards everyone involved in its creation.

The night was filled with excitement and the audience’s response to the show was overwhelmingly positive, earning it full marks for its outstanding performance.

The ‘Ali’m Project’ not only shed light on the intriguing life of Arap Ali but also paid homage to the popular folk song ‘Mağusa Limanı’, bringing history and culture to life through art and creativity.



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