“STM Reveals Production Number of KARGU UAV”

Turkish defense company STM has announced that it has produced nearly 3,000 units of its KARGU Striking UAV, which has been exported to 10 countries. Developed by STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz, the KARGU UAV is capable of exploding itself over enemy elements, thanks to its warhead located at the front of the device. The Striking UAVs are currently being used by Turkish security units, as well as friendly and allied countries.

Güleryüz stated that they are currently working on integrating armor-piercing ammunition into the device, with final integration tests underway. The KARGU UAV is capable of diving at a speed of about 140/145 km/h, and detonating itself at the operator’s selected altitude. The KARGU UAV has a maximum range of 10 kilometers and can remain in the air for about 30 minutes. The device is equipped with a 1.3-kilogram particle warhead, making it effective in anti-personnel missions.

STM is also currently developing KARGU’s Passive RF Seeker and Anti-Tank Warhead configurations. The KARGU UAV boasts a low radar cross-section, as well as a number of capabilities and competencies, including effective operation day and night, precise hitting ability, detection and tracking of moving targets, high-performance autonomous navigation and flight control algorithms, and more.

The KARGU Striking UAV is operable by a single soldier and has abandoned or self-destruct capabilities. STM has been in talks with other countries regarding exporting the device, and negotiations continue.


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