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Successful Kurtaran-2023 exercise showcases notable frames

Joint Search and Rescue Exercise Kurtaran-2023 was held successfully with the participation of 31 countries. The exercise was led by the Commander of the Naval Forces, Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu, and 32 military attachés. The exercise was aimed at conducting training on the submarine vessel search, wreck removal, diver/ROV emergency life support package delivery, basic external ventilation training, and training for the first response, treatment, and evacuation of the survivors.

On the Distinguished Observer’s Day, the training included the search for the submarine, providing life support and rescue personnel, sharing information and experience on submarine rescue activities with other country observers who participated in the exercise, and developing interoperability procedures with other Force Commands and Public Institutions. A total of 37 personnel from 17 countries, including their officers and a diving team from Romania, participated. In addition, a maritime patrol aircraft from the USA participated in the exercise.

In the upcoming days of the exercise, a rescue operation will be carried out for the submarine that has lost its ability to surface. The exercise is expected to enhance cooperation and develop a common understanding of Search and Rescue operations among the participating countries. The exercise involved not only the elements of the Naval Forces Command but also different elements from the Land Forces Command, the Air Force Command, and the Coast Guard Command.

The Kurtaran-2023 exercise demonstrated the commitment of Turkey to protecting human life at sea, improving its Search and Rescue capabilities, and developing cooperative efforts with its regional and international partners.


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