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Sudan Army and HDK Clash for 26 Days Straight

Sudanese Army and HDK Clashes Continue, Death Toll Rises

Sudan has been witnessing fierce clashes between the Sudanese army forces and the Rapid Support Forces (HDK) since April 15. Eyewitnesses have reported fierce clashes in the Bahri region, north of the capital Khartoum, with strong explosions and heavy artillery sounds heard in various neighborhoods. Army warplanes have also been seen flying in the air.

The dispute between the army and the HDK regarding the military security reform, which envisages “the full participation of the HDK in the army”, has been escalating over the last few months. Despite negotiations in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, there has been no progress in resolving the conflict, and clashes continue in different parts of the capital.

The World Health Organization has announced that the death toll in the clashes has risen to 604, with 5,127 injured. The HDK has claimed to have shot down two army warplanes during the conflict.

The situation in Sudan remains tense and unstable, with reports of violence, unrest, and displacement. The international community has called for an end to the violence and a peaceful resolution of the conflict. It is crucial for all parties to prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians and refrain from any actions that could further destabilize the country.



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