Sultangazi Election Results 2023: When Will Voting Rates Be Announced?

The upcoming elections in Turkey will be held on Sunday, May 14, 2023, and the results will be announced later that evening. One of the districts that will have a significant impact on the election outcomes is Istanbul Sultangazi. With a large population, Sultangazi has more voters than many other cities, making the voting rates there a crucial factor for both presidential candidates and political parties.

The Sultangazi election results will show the percentages of the AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, TIP, and Green Left Party votes. These results will help determine the deputies to be sent to Istanbul, which will send many representatives to the parliament.

The voting period will end at 17.00 on May 14, 2023. Between 18.00 and 21.00, the press organizations will share news and communiqués given by the YSK regarding the election. After 21:00, all broadcasts will be free, and YSK might even announce the results earlier. The Sultangazi election results will be announced on Sunday, May 14, at the latest after 21.00.

To learn about the Sultangazi voting rates, voters can check the election results page on cnnturk.com. The website will display the vote rates for each political party and the presidential candidates on a district-by-district basis.

Other Istanbul districts that will impact the election outcomes include the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd regions. The vote results for these districts will also be available on cnnturk.com.

Overall, the May 14th elections in Turkey are eagerly awaited, with various political parties and candidates vying for the top positions. The Sultangazi district could hold great sway in the final outcomes.


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