“Survivor Update: May 9th Team Winners and 4th Elimination Candidate Revealed”

Survivor fans were eagerly waiting for the latest episode on May 9, where the immunity game and elimination candidates were revealed. The Celebrities Team won the immunity game, granting them not only the award but also immunity from elimination. The losing teams, however, faced the possibility of being sent to the elimination pot.

The previous days’ episodes saw Barış, Ertuğ, Aziz, and Cansu as the names in the qualifying pot. Baris was the one who said goodbye to the island after the SMS vote. After the first immunity game, Ertuğ was poised to be the first elimination candidate, followed by Buse Plan and Kürşat. Lastly, Asena received three votes from the Volunteers Team, making her the fourth and final elimination candidate for the week.

Despite the intense competition and elimination rounds, fans are looking forward to the upcoming episodes of Survivor.


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