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Suspected Murderer of 12-Year-Old Boy Helped with the Searches as well

A young boy has tragically lost his life after being kidnapped for ransom in Yenişehir district, Mersin. Khaled Hayaniketb, the boy’s son of Syrian immigrant Suleyman Hayaniketb who was in the car buying and selling business, went missing on May 8th after his mother went to the grocery store. Soon after, the family received a photo of Khaled from a stranger who then demanded a ransom of 400,000 euros in exchange for the child’s release. The kidnapper also threatened to kill Khaled if the family informed the police.

Süleyman Hayaniketb reported the incident to the police, and an investigation team was sent to the Türksat Sitesi, where Khaled was last seen. After conducting thorough research on the premises, the police identified Hasan Cingöz, who has been working at the site for 17 years, as the prime suspect. Cingöz confessed to the crime, and the police found Khaled’s lifeless body in the basement of the A block. The child was determined to have drowned, and the autopsy was conducted to confirm this.

Cingöz was taken into police custody and was later arrested by the courthouse on duty after the proceedings. Suleyman Hayaniketb was in shock after the incident and admitted that he never suspected Cingöz of something so horrendous. “We have been looking face-to-face for years. I trust him,” he said.

The family’s lawyer, Hibe Gökalp, pledged to follow the case until the end and ensure that the murderer and anyone who helped him received the punishment they deserved. “This is a murder that was committed with a monstrous feeling,” she said. “We will do our best to make sure justice is served for Khaled and his family.”

Kidnapping for ransom is becoming increasingly common in Turkey, and this tragedy is a stark reminder of the dangers and consequences it creates for innocent lives.


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