Switzerland Plans to Deploy Internet Spy – Breaking News Update

German Intelligence Agency Plans to Deploy Virtual Spies

The German intelligence agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), plans to deploy virtual agents by the end of the year to combat terrorism and extremism, according to a report from SRF television channel. These virtual spies will have fictitious identities and will gather information in the virtual world.

The BND aims to reduce its dependence on international intelligence services with which it collaborates by assigning virtual agents and receiving information from them about data in social networks. However, the number and capabilities of these virtual spies remain undisclosed.

To ensure legal compliance, Swiss Defense Minister Viola Amherd is required to pre-approve any use of fake identity, according to current Swiss law.

This move by the BND highlights the growing importance of virtual spaces in intelligence gathering and the increasing need for intelligence agencies to adapt to changing technological landscapes. It remains to be seen how effective these virtual spies will be and how successful the BND will be at integrating their findings into their operations.


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