Tajik Opposition Activist Granted Release in Lithuania

Lithuanian Court Orders Immediate Release of Tajik Opposition Activist Sulaimon Davlatov

A court in Lithuania has made the decision to refuse the extension of the detention of Tajik opposition activist Sulaimon Davlatov, ordering his immediate release on June 4th.

Davlatov, who has been a vocal critic of the Tajik government, was detained by Lithuanian authorities on May 28th. He had been seeking asylum in the country after fleeing persecution in his home country.

The court’s decision to release Davlatov comes after his lawyers argued that there was no legal basis for his continued detention. The judges agreed, stating that there was insufficient evidence to justify keeping him in custody.

Davlatov’s case has garnered international attention, with human rights organizations calling for his release and condemning the Tajik government for its treatment of political dissidents.

His release is seen as a victory for freedom of speech and human rights in Tajikistan, and a step towards justice for Davlatov and others like him who have been persecuted for their activism.

As Davlatov walks free, his supporters are hopeful that he will be able to continue his work in advocating for democracy and human rights without fear of retaliation.


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