“Team of Angels” Mothers Named “Mothers of the Year” by Cyprus Turkish Mothers Association

The Cyprus Turkish Mothers Association has given a heartwarming tribute to the mothers of the “Team of Angels” who lost their lives in an earthquake, declaring them as the “Mothers of the Year”. The association shared their pain and expressed solidarity with them through this gesture.

In a public message on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the President of the association, Ayten A. Rıfkı Işık, stated that mother’s love is the secret of happiness, success and the source of life. While emphasizing that no gift can replace the love and respect for mothers and a simple, sincere word can mean the world to them, she also urged everyone to embrace their mothers with respect and love every day of the year.

Işık also extended her congratulations to all mothers on their special day and offered her condolences to those who are no longer with us. This tribute by the Cyprus Turkish Mothers Association is a beautiful reminder of how crucial mothers are to our lives and how their love and care can never be replaced by anything else.


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