TEKNOFEST Istanbul Begins with Solotürk’s Demo Flight

TEKNOFEST Istanbul Showcases Spectacular Solotürk Demonstration Flight

The world’s most extensive event for aviation, space, and technology enthusiasts, TEKNOFEST Istanbul, is underway, showcasing a range of technology projects and cutting-edge designs. The event, taking place at the Atatürk Airport, entered its second day on Friday, September 24th, with a spectacular demonstration flight from the renowned Turkish Air Force aerobatics team, Solotürk.

The TEKNOFEST, which is supported by the Turkish government, has become a significant platform for the country to showcase its innovation in technology, science, and industry. The annual event brings together local and international tech enthusiasts and industry experts, with over a million visitors from all over the world expected this year.

Solotürk, a symbol of Turkey’s Air Force capabilities, performed in front of an excited crowd, showcasing their skills and abilities with incredible skill and precision. The team used specially designed jets to perform a range of acrobatic maneuvers, including loops, rolls, and other gravity-defying stunts.

The Solotürk display is just one of the many highlights of TEKNOFEST, which also features a range of other exciting showcases from both local and international companies.

Speaking about the event, the chairman of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem İmamoğlu, said, “We are proud to host the world’s leading aviation, space, and technology event in our beloved city. This festival demonstrates the progress of our technological achievements, and we are excited to showcase our capabilities to the world.”

The festival continues until September 27th, showcasing a range of tech innovations, air shows, seminars, and performances. The event is an excellent opportunity for technology enthusiasts to see the latest advancements in the industry while enjoying the spectacular demonstrations.



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