The 2023 Iğdır Parliamentary Elections: Candidates from AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, TİP and Green Left Party

Iğdır Election: Parliamentary Candidates for AK Party, CHP, MHP, İYİ Party, TİP, and Green Left Party Announced for 28th Term MP Candidates 2023

As the election approaches, voters in Iğdır have started their search for the parliamentary candidates of the parties they will vote for at the ballot box. Iğdır stands out as one of the areas where competition between political parties is the highest. As a result of this, parties are bringing strong and experienced names to the forefront in order to gain the trust of the voters and achieve a victory.

Iğdır is located in the eastern part of Turkey, and it has four districts: Iğdır (province center), December, Karakoyunlu, and Tuzluca. This province sends two deputies to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM).

The AK Party, CHP, MHP, İYİ Party, TİP, and Green Left Party have announced their candidates for Iğdır Province in the upcoming election.

The AK Party, which currently holds the seat in Iğdır, has nominated Cantürk Alagöz for the Iğdır 1 district and Ahmet Tumaz for the Iğdır 2 district.

For the CHP, Yusuf Şahin and İsmail Sarıboğa have been nominated for the Iğdır 1 and Iğdır 2 districts respectively.

The MHP has nominated Yaşar Karadağ for the Iğdır 1 district and İbrahim Dizman for the Iğdır 2 district.

The İYİ Party has not announced their nominees for the Iğdır Province yet.

The Green Left Party has nominated Yılmaz Hun and Aysel Aras.

The TİP has not yet announced their candidate for Iğdır Province.

Finally, the National Party has nominated Leyla Uygur for the Iğdır 1 district and Muzaffer Ademi for the Iğdır 2 district.

With the election approaching, all political parties are gearing up for a tough competition in Iğdır, as the province becomes a crucial battleground for their success in the upcoming election.


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