The Hundred Years of Miracle: Progression and Surprising Ratings!

Star TV’s TV series “The Hundred Years of Miracle” has been receiving mixed reactions from its audience. The show, which stars Birkan Sokullu and Ebru Şahin in the lead roles, has been on air for eight episodes now. While some viewers enjoy the storyline, there are others who criticize it.

Some fans have expressed their discomfort with Ebru Şahin’s character, Great, crying on screen all the time. They prefer her strong-willed character in the previous series “Destan,” and some have even expressed their desire for her to return to that role.

On the other hand, some viewers are critical of the series’ connection between the past and present. They feel that the bond is not strong enough, and that it is unrealistic for the 130-year-old main character to have not gained significant experiences and insight.

There are also those who enjoy the chemistry between Birkan Sokullu and Ebru Şahin on the show. However, there are viewers who believe that if the series had focused solely on the love story of Eşref and Süreyya, the outcome would have been different.

Despite the mixed reactions, the most realistic picture of “The Hundred Years of Miracle” TV series comes from its ratings. The latest episode, the eighth in the series, only ranked 22nd in the overall category and 8th in the AB group. This is worrying for a channel as influential as Star TV.

It is doubtful that the show will be able to continue with these ratings, and it seems likely that Star TV will not include “The Hundred Years of Miracle” in its plans for the next season. Investing in a show that cannot exceed a rating of 2 is not logical.

The audience can watch the new episode of the show on Thursday, May 18. However, it remains to be seen if “The Hundred Years of Miracle” will be able to recover and gain better ratings in the future.


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