“The Importance of Dental Health for Overall Well-being”

The 16th ACBİD International Maxillofacial Surgery Congress was recently held in Serik district, located in Antalya’s Belek tourism region, from May 10 to May 14. The event was attended by numerous national and international participants, where various topics, including oral, facial, and maxillofacial surgery developments, were discussed.
Prof. Dr. Selçuk Basa expressed his satisfaction with the significant level of participation both from the country and abroad, stating that valuable speakers shared their insights at the event.
Practical presentations were conducted on all branches of maxillofacial surgery, ranging from impacted tooth operations to treatments for congenital diseases. New developments and technologies were also discussed, and participants shared their experiences in the field.
Dr. Basa emphasized the importance of dental health in overall body health, noting that diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues may lead to systemic diseases. The professor also mentioned the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field, stating that AI had been utilized for some time in Maxillofacial surgery.
The surgical applications performed during the congress had positive aesthetic results, and there have been significant advances in jaw deformities and facial deformities caused by congenital or subsequent injuries. By using computer programs that simulate virtual environments, the chances of successful treatments are increased, and better results are achieved.
The congress was deemed successful, with both seasoned surgeons and younger colleagues gaining knowledge and experience alike.


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