The Life and Miracles of Prophet Abraham: A Brief Introduction

Who is Hz. Abraham and What are His Life and Miracles?

The prophet Hz. Abraham, who is also mentioned in the Bible and the Torah, is known as the first prophet sent to the Children of Israel. His parents’ names were Usha and Azer, and it is told that his father was an idol maker. However, even as a child, he opposed idols and criticized people’s devotion to beings who had no will.

At a very young age, Hz. Abraham broke all the idols in the city while everyone was at the market, and hung the ax on the neck of the biggest idol. When the people of the city asked who had broken the idols, Hz. Abraham showed the biggest idol and said that he broke the others. When people said that a non-moving being could not do this, Hz. Abraham told them not to worship idols.

Although it is not known exactly when Hz. Abraham was born, it is estimated that he was born in the 12th century BC. One of his greatest miracles is that he had a child at a very late age. When he saw that he had to sacrifice his son in a dream, he dreamt of his son and told Ishmael about it. Just as he was about to sacrifice his son, a ram descended from the sky, and Muslims started to celebrate Eid al-Adha every year.

Before becoming a prophet, Hz. Abraham considered first the moon and then the sun as gods. However, when he saw both of them sink, he said, “I don’t like things that rise and set.” One of his greatest miracles was rebuilding the Kaaba by the order of Allah and putting Hacer’ül Esved in it. He is also the prophet who found zamzam water near the Kaaba.

Many sources tell of even more miracles about Hz. Abraham. According to a rumor, all the doors of the Throne were opened to Abraham, and Prophet Muhammad saw all the realms of the unseen through him.



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