The Little Prince: A Modern Twist in Budapest

2023 Marks 80th Anniversary of The Little Prince with Budapest Theatrical Production

As the world celebrates the 80th anniversary of the first edition of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s iconic novel “The Little Prince”, the Broadway Entertainment Group has announced the creation of a theatrical production of this classic, set to be available in Budapest from February 14, 2024.

Boasting translation into 250 languages and selling over 200 million copies, “The Little Prince” has become the second best-selling book of all time. The latest stage adaptation, filled with theatrical spectacles, dance, and acrobatics, will also incorporate the relatively unknown videomapping technology, bringing the beloved classic adventure story to life for multiple generations.

The creative team behind “The Little Prince” production is led by director and choreographer Anne Tournie, with co-director Chris Mouron responsible for the script and original music composed by Terry Truck. Additional team members include Noelle Brodelet as assistant choreographer, Marie Jumelin as video designer, Peggy Housset as costume designer, Stéphane Fritsch as lighting designer, Tristan Viscogliosi as sound designer, Etienne Beaussart as projection designer, Carmen Arbues Miro as hairstylist and makeup artist, and Aurélie Gandilhon as prop master.

The performance is a choreographic adaptation, combining contemporary dance, and modern circus. The narrator is the sole character who speaks during the show, while all other artists, coming from various parts of the world – China, India, Poland, France, Italy – have backgrounds in circus or contemporary dance and express themselves through choreography and acrobatics.

“The Little Prince” premiered in Paris in 2019 and embarked on a worldwide tour. In 2020, it was presented in Dubai, followed by Sydney in 2021 and a full season on Broadway in New York in 2022. In late 2023, the show was in Lisbon, and in January 2024, it returned to Dubai, followed by a performance in Budapest in February before heading to Prague.

“We eagerly anticipate the continuation of the journey in Budapest. As the Little Prince travels, he encounters various people and cultures, conveying the message of love to everyone. We’ve humbly translated the story of friendship, loneliness, love, and care for others and our planet into the backdrop of the Sahara Desert,” said director Anne Tournie about the performance.

“The Little Prince” will be performed 7 times in Budapest between 14 and 18 February 2024 at the Erkel Theatre in French with Hungarian subtitles. For more information, visit


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