“The Mountain’s Tales: Stories of Wind and Change by Özgür Aras”

Ozgur Aras Talks about his 30 Years in the Celebrity Management Industry

Ozgur Aras, a well-known communication consultant, and manager recently visited Istanbul before the new venue he was opening in Bodrum. During a conversation, he shared his experiences of working for 30 years in the celebrity management industry.

Aras emphasized that the last three decades have been colorful, despite the many challenges and difficulties in the profession. “Famous means crisis at any moment, being ready for anything,” he said.

When asked about managing a celebrity, he corrected the interviewer and explained that he was a communication consultant, not a press consultant or a manager. He shared his secret to managing celebrities – a process job that requires effort, strategy, and investment. He added that experience is crucial, and one must love the job, the person they serve, and work hard.

Over the years, the concept of celebrity has changed, and social media has played a significant role in this change. Aras stated that singers did not wake up to the power of social media initially, while actors were more aware of its impact.

Aras also talked about his upcoming projects, including a communication consultant to doctors and a new venue in Bodrum, called “ENVY Night&Light.”

Reflecting on his career, Aras explained that he was not interested in the past. Instead, he focused on tomorrow and looked forward to new jobs, songs, concerts, and commercials.

Aras’s most painful experience was the death of his close friend and colleague, Ajlan, in a traffic accident. This experience made him realize the emptiness of fame, money, and other fights.

Lastly, when asked about Turkey’s biggest star, Aras mentioned Sezen Aksu, who he said could not be positioned anywhere. He added that Kenan Doğulu was the biggest star in Turkey, with his self-renewal, costume, stage, sound, writings, and compositions.

Aras’s 30 years of experience and expertise in the celebrity management industry have made him one of the best-known communication consultants in Turkey.


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