The Secret Millions: Azerbaijani Tycoon’s Influence on British KFC Franchise

Azerbaijani business tycoon Anar Mammadov, known for his past partnerships with Donald Trump and his involvement in lucrative state contracts, has shifted his focus to the British fast-food industry. An investigation by RFE/RL revealed that Mammadov, 43, has invested heavily in a franchise of the popular American fried-chicken chain KFC in England.

Despite his failed Trump tower project and waning influence in Washington, Mammadov has amassed a significant real estate and business portfolio in Britain, including more than $30 million in properties on some of London’s most prestigious streets. Most of these acquisitions were made during his father’s tenure as transport minister in Azerbaijan.

Critics have raised concerns about the source of the Mammadov family’s wealth, given the country’s reputation for corruption. Authorities in the United Kingdom have intensified efforts to scrutinize illicit wealth inflows from countries like Azerbaijan.

Anar Mammadov’s KFC venture in England now includes at least 20 restaurants in northwestern cities, funded through complex offshore financial structures. Despite denials from his father, former Minister Ziya Mammadov, public records confirm Anar’s substantial ownership in these establishments.

Mammadov’s political connections and family ties to Azerbaijani government officials have drawn scrutiny from Western regulators and lawmakers. The Mammadov family, like other politically connected figures in Azerbaijan, has amassed wealth through government contracts and partnerships in various sectors.

Anar Mammadov’s journey from high-profile projects like the Trump tower to the fast-food industry highlights the complexities of his business empire. Despite his past setbacks, including the cancellation of the Trump partnership and the end of lobbying efforts in the U.S., Mammadov’s KFC business in Britain continues to thrive.

The investigation also uncovered Mammadov’s involvement in offshore financial activities and questionable transactions, prompting regulatory actions in Guernsey. The case has raised concerns about the transparency and legitimacy of his business dealings, including connections to politically exposed persons and high-risk countries.

As Mammadov’s business empire expands, questions linger about the origins of his wealth and the implications of his investments. With ongoing scrutiny from authorities and growing public interest, the Azerbaijani tycoon faces challenges in maintaining his reputation and business interests in the international arena.



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