The Significance of the Name Bera: Qur’an References and TDK Dictionary Meaning

The popularity of the name Bera has been increasing in recent years, and people are curious about its meaning and origin. Bera is an Arabic-origin name that means being virtuous and distinguished. It is mostly preferred for girls in Turkish society but can also be used for boys.

According to the Turkish Language Institution’s dictionary of names, Bera means goodness, beauty, maturity, virtue, a good, nice person, the quality of being distinguished, and a name used in the sense of notifying, explaining, declaring. Although the name Bera is not mentioned among the verses in the Quran, it has a beautiful meaning and is a popular choice for parents.

People with the name Bera tend to believe that money is essential, and they care about material things. They approach people cautiously and hesitantly and love children. They have good problem-solving skills and do not stand under pressure. Those they value most in their lives are generally their mothers. The name Bera is still not widespread in Turkey, with only 1100-1200 people named so.

In conclusion, the name Bera comes from Arabic origin and means virtue and being distinguished. Its popularity is increasing, and it is a preferred name by parents for its beautiful meaning. People with this name tend to be responsible, cautious, and value their families.


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