Threat of Armed Molotov Cocktail Attack on Spouse Seeking Divorce – Latest News from Turkey

A substance addicted man has been accused of torturing his wife and kicking his children out of the house. The father of the family, Aydın Birlik, spoke out about the 14-month ordeal that his family had to endure at the hands of their abusive relative. Birlik revealed that his son-in-law had become addicted to drugs and had kicked his wife and children out of the house. The family sought refuge with Birlik, who took care of them during their time of need.

Birlik revealed that his son-in-law was going through a divorce and that the judge had given custody of the children to his mother. The man wanted to see his children and managed to do so through his eldest son. However, when he requested a meeting with Birlik, the father of the family refused, citing his son-in-law’s threatening behavior towards him.

The incident is a reminder of the dangers of substance abuse and domestic violence. Many families are torn apart by drug addiction, leading to violence and abusive behavior towards loved ones. It is important to seek help and support for both substance abuse and domestic violence issues. Nobody should have to endure such suffering, and it is essential that those who are struggling receive the help and support they need to overcome their challenges. It is vital to raise awareness about these issues and ensure that those affected receive the necessary resources and assistance to regain control of their lives.



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