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“Three Terrorism Suspects Apprehended Attempting to Escape to Greece”

“Border Eagles” Continue to Ensure Border Security as Suspects Are Caught
Turkish security forces, also known as the “border eagles”, are tirelessly working to maintain the safety and security of the borders. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, these forces are conducting their reconnaissance, surveillance, and patrol activities without any interruptions.
Recently, their hard work and dedication paid off as they caught three suspects who were attempting to escape to Greece through the 1st degree military forbidden zone near Meriç district. The suspects included an individual identified only as S.Ş, who is believed to have ties to the terrorist organization PKK, and two individuals known to have connections to the FETÖ network; DE and Ö.Ö.
The suspects were immediately apprehended and taken to the District Gendarmerie Command for processing.
The success of the operation is a testament to the continuous efforts of the “border eagles” in ensuring that the Turkish borders remain secure and safe from any potential threats.


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