Thursday is the commencement date for the General Entrance Exam

Mongolia Prepares for General Entrance Exam for 2023-2024 Academic Year

Mongolia is gearing up for its General Entrance Exam (GEE) which is set to take place from 4-7 July. The registration for the GEE started on 13 April and closed on 26 April, with over 36,000 examinees signing up for the exam.

The entrance exam will kick off this Thursday, July 4, with the history class. Prior to the GEE, examinees are required to take the Mongolian language test. This year, about 36,000 examinees participated in the Mongolian language and writing exam, with around 5,300 examinees falling below the threshold score. As a result, a re-examination has been scheduled for these individuals on August 17.

The GEE is a crucial examination for students in Mongolia as it determines their eligibility for admission to various higher education institutions. Thousands of students across the country have been diligently preparing for this exam in hopes of securing a spot in their desired academic program.

As the exam dates approach, examinees are encouraged to continue their studies and focus on areas where they may need improvement. With dedication and hard work, they can confidently tackle the GEE and pave the way for a successful academic future.



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