Transforming Brotherly Hearth into a Living Museum

Former Speaker of Parliament and author, Sibel Siber, calls for the preservation of the Brotherhood Club in Cyprus and its transformation into a living museum.

Siber visited the Brotherhood Club and applied for membership, emphasizing the importance of protecting this historical institution. With only 5 members remaining, Siber urges for support for the Brotherhood, the first institutional structure of the Turkish Cypriots.

The Brotherhood Club, founded in 1909 as the “Hürriyet and Progress Club”, played a crucial role in the history of Turkish Cypriots. It served as a hub for social, political, and cultural activities, fighting against colonial injustices and promoting community engagement through initiatives such as the newspaper “Birlik”.

Siber advocates for the club to be maintained as a living museum, continuing its legacy and activities. She stresses the importance of preserving history and invites new members to join in this effort. By applying for membership herself, Siber hopes to gather a team dedicated to safeguarding the heritage of the Brotherhood Club.


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