TRNC Elections: Voting Procedures End

The Voting Process Ends for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Turkey

After beginning on April 27 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the voting process has concluded for the Presidential Election and the 28th Term Parliamentary Election set for Sunday, May 14 in Turkey. According to the Supreme Election Board of the Republic of Turkey, 140,111 registered Turkish voters within the TRNC had the right to vote.

Voters were able to cast their votes at 23 different ballot boxes, 16 in Nicosia and 7 in Famagusta. After the voting process concluded, the votes along with the relevant election documents, will be sent to Turkey by the Transport Commission and diplomatic couriers.

Turkey’s upcoming elections are highly anticipated as the outcome will significantly impact the country moving forward. The final results will be released soon, and the winner will be elected into the position for the next term.


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