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TRT News Reports on TUSAŞ Developments

Turkey is making history in the aviation and defense field with the development of two groundbreaking projects. ANKA-3, a highly anticipated drone, and KAAN, a national combat aircraft, have aviation experts and enthusiasts alike eagerly waiting for their debut.

In an interview with TRT Haber, test pilot Ahmet Emre Yılmaz and chief engineer Emre Wild gave insight into the process and their emotions as they work towards the completion of these projects.

ANKA-3, which is in the final stages of testing, is a drone with impressive capabilities that sets it apart from others in its class. According to Yılmaz, ANKA-3 is equipped with advanced technology, including a high-resolution camera and an improved communications system. The drone will be able to fly at even higher altitudes and with greater stability than its predecessors.

KAAN, on the other hand, is a completely new aircraft that is expected to be a game changer. Wild spoke about the national pride and determination behind the project, as well as the excitement felt by those who have worked on it. The aircraft is designed to be multirole, with the ability to carry out missions such as air-to-air combat and ground attacks.

The development of ANKA-3 and KAAN is a testament to Turkey’s commitment to modernizing its defense capabilities and enhancing its status in the international community. With the completion of these projects, Turkey will undoubtedly become a major player in the aviation and defense industry.


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