Trump found guilty by jury.

Former US President Donald Trump has been found guilty in the case of sexually abusing magazine writer E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s and then defaming her by branding her a liar. The jury made its ruling recently, according to NTV Washington Representative Hüseyin Günay.

The accusations against Trump had been made by Carroll, who had stated that Trump had attacked her in a department store dressing room. Trump denied the allegations, going so far as to state that he had never even met Carroll and calling her story a “total fabrication”. However, according to the recent ruling, the jury found that Trump had indeed sexually assaulted Carroll and then publicly smeared her.

The verdict marks a significant development in the ongoing legal troubles faced by Trump. He has faced numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment over the years, and this latest case only adds to the mounting list. Trump’s legal team had attempted to argue that the former president could not be sued for actions committed while in office, but this argument was ultimately rejected by the court.

Carroll expressed relief and satisfaction with the verdict, stating that “the truth came out” and that she felt vindicated. Meanwhile, Trump’s team has already indicated that they plan to appeal the decision, though it remains unclear what the next steps will be. Regardless, this verdict will undoubtedly have major implications for Trump’s future legal and political prospects.


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