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“Turkey aims to strengthen itself after May 14”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently shared his thoughts on his visits to the Turkish provinces of Kırklareli, Edirne, and Tekirdağ. In a tweet, President Erdoğan expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome he received from the locals in these regions, which are situated along Turkey’s western border.

President Erdoğan spoke fondly of the people of Kırklareli, who had hosted him when he was unfairly punished for reading a poem. He recounted the nation’s conscientious stance against this injustice and their support during his imprisonment in Pınarhisar.

The President also mentioned that his detention had turned into a school where he drew the horizon of his party and embodied his dreams for Turkey. This was the start of a new journey that led to the formation of the government that broke the chains of tutelage against the will of the Turkish people and brought about an “Anatolian Revolution”.

Despite facing challenges from bureaucratic oligarchy, opposition parties, and marginal organizations, President Erdoğan and his team have never given in to the policy of wedges. They have continued to work hard to grow and strengthen Turkey, and they will continue to do so after the upcoming elections.

In his closing remarks, President Erdoğan reiterated his love for his country and his desire to serve the Turkish people. He reassured the public that his party’s song and love of serving the nation never ends.


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