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Turkey Goes to the Polls: Breaking News Update!

Today, Turkey is holding its Presidential and Parliamentary Elections with more than 191,000 ballot boxes set up across the country. A total of 60,697,843 eligible voters will cast their vote today, with 4,904,672 of them being first-time voters. The voting process will take place between 8 am and 5 pm with voters allowed to cast their vote by showing one of the official documents that have the Republic of Turkey Identity Number on it. The voting process will continue even after the official closing time if there are voters still waiting in line.

Voters do not need to bring their voter information sheet, as they can visit the website of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) to learn where they need to vote. In the polling stations, voters are not allowed to bring communication devices such as mobile phones, cameras or film cameras. The voting process will take place with two separate ballot papers in the same envelope, one for the Presidential Elections and the other for the 28th Term Parliamentary Elections.

The earthquake-affected areas of the country have special measures in place to ensure the voting process is conducted as smoothly as possible. In total, 133,000 voters from earthquake zones have had their registrations taken over to other provinces. For the first time, a template has also been designed and sent to each polling station to allow visually impaired people to vote.

In the 28th Term Parliament Elections, 24 political parties and 151 independent parliamentary candidates are taking part. Five different alliances are competing in this election under different names, with the People’s Alliance consisting of the AK Party, MHP, BBP, and Re-Welfare Party. The Nation Alliance is formed by the CHP, IYI Party, Felicity Party, Future Party, Democracy and Atılım Party (DEVA Party), and Democrat Party. The Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) and the Turkish Workers’ Party (TIP) are running under the name of the Labor and Freedom Alliance. The HDP is participating in the elections from the Green Left Party lists. Victory Party and Justice Party are running under the name of the Ata alliance, while the Communist Party of Turkey, the Communist Movement of Turkey, and the Left Party are running under the name of the Socialist Union of Forces.

The voting process is subject to election day bans, with alcoholic beverages not being sold from 6 am to midnight and entertainment venues closed during the voting period. The only exception is meals in restaurants that are classified as entertainment. No one, apart from those responsible for maintaining security, will be allowed to carry weapons. Radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs will not be allowed to make news, predictions or comments on the election until 6 pm on the election day.

Finally, voters should ensure their ballot papers contain a “Yes” or “Preference” seal, or their vote will be considered invalid. The final results of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections will be announced by the YSK after the voting process throughout the country is completed.


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