Turkey holds elections

Turkey Prepares for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections with Over 60 Million Voters

Turkey will hold presidential and parliamentary elections on May 14, with more than 60 million voters expected to cast their ballots. The election will determine the next president of Turkey, who will serve for five years, as well as new members of parliament. A total of 191,000 ballot boxes will be set up across the country in 973 districts and 1,094 district election boards.

According to the latest information, some voters have been waiting in line for several hours to cast their votes, with some having to wait even after the voting period officially ended. The president will ensure that these voters are able to cast their votes before the polling stations close.

In addition, the Supreme Election Council (YSK) has taken various measures in the provinces affected by recent earthquakes to ensure that the elections are conducted safely. Ballot boxes will be set up in schools and other locations where possible, and mobile ballot boxes have been created for voters who are bedridden due to illness or disability.

This year’s election will also feature a template for visually impaired voters to use when casting their ballots. The YSK has assured voters that all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure a fair and transparent election process.

The voting process in overseas representations has already ended, according to the YSK. Results for the presidential and parliamentary elections are expected to be announced soon after voting closes on May 14.


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