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“Turkey’s Election is the One to Watch, According to Washington Post”

Turkey’s historic election, just five days away, is drawing the attention of international media who are following the campaigns closely and analyzing the latest polls. The Financial Times suggests President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is facing a united opposition for the first time. This spells a competitive race that could possibly go into a second round, making Turkey’s election history. While Turkey has gone through economic hardship, Erdoğan’s support base remains strong and he is arguably Turkey’s most popular politician. The Washington Post stresses the importance of the upcoming elections for the world, stating that Ankara’s role in regional and international politics has greatly increased under Erdoğan’s rule. The election results will be watched closely all over the Middle East with current poll results pointing to a knife-edge result at the ballot box. The report also highlights Erdoğan’s huge and loyal fan base, how Ankara views its role regionally, Turkey’s relations with the EU, and its efforts to mediate in foreign conflicts.


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