Turkey’s President Erdogan stands strong against intimidation – Last Minute News

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at an election rally in Batman just days ahead of the May 14th elections. During his speech, he announced that they have imposed sanctions worth more than 51 billion liras in Batman. He also criticized the opposition, stating that “The tricks of dirty hands trying to clutter our streets cannot intimidate us.” On the other hand, Erdogan also urged citizens to vote and decide how the new century of the Republic will be.

Erdogan’s speech included a message of unity, saying that “No one can divide the Kurdish and the Zaza, the Alevi and the Sunni, or set them against each other. We have lived together on this land for 1000 years.” He also addressed the reforms that have been made for the Kurdish community, stating that “With your support, we changed the understanding of the state that looks down on its citizens as an enemy. We have shelved the policies of denial, which do not value the faith, language, and culture of our people, so that they will never come to the fore again.”

Furthermore, Erdogan pledged to continue bringing development to the region, pointing out that “We have invested more than 51 billion liras in Batman in the last 21 years.” He also stated that they consider the oil reserve found in Gabar as a sign of progress and will bring it to the country’s economy.

Overall, Erdogan’s speech was focused on unity and development for the country. Citizens are urged to exercise their right to vote on May 14th and contribute to shaping the future of the Republic.


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