Turkish Chamber of Agriculture President Sends Farmers Day Message on May 14th

May 14th is celebrated as Farmers’ Day in Turkey, and the Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey, Şemsi Bayraktar, released a message highlighting the importance of farmers. He stated that if agriculture and the food industry were to stop, life would come to a halt. He emphasized the significance of supporting farmers and the relationship between their success and the country’s well-being.

Bayraktar also emphasized the need for effective production planning, increased support policies, and higher productivity. He stated that the costs associated with agricultural production would impact the consumers, leading to a decrease in demand for agricultural products. Although the increase in input prices has slowed down compared to last year, he acknowledged that it still impacts production costs. Thus, he emphasized the need to lower prices to reasonable levels that consider the cost of producers and their share of welfare.

This message from Bayraktar is a reminder of the essential role that farmers play in our lives and the importance of supporting them. It calls for effective policies and measures that will help them succeed and contributes to the welfare of the country.


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