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Turkish Minister Accuses USA of Attempting to Control Elections

Süleyman Soylu, Turkey’s Minister of Interior and AK Party Istanbul 2nd Region Deputy Candidate, gave a live broadcast interview with TRT Haber and discussed several important topics. Minister Soylu stated that they conduct an average of 260 thousand operations per year and caught over a thousand people for drug-related crimes in Ankara in an operation carried out with MASAK. He also mentioned that there is a 9.5 percent reduction in drug use, indicating that field pressure is working.

Furthermore, Minister Soylu addressed the issue of terrorism, saying that under Tayyip Erdogan’s leadership, Turkey has reduced the number of terrorists in the country by 96 percent in the last 6 years. There are only 85 terrorists left in Turkey, and there are no terrorists in the Black Sea, Mount Judi, Amanos, Mount Cilo, and Gabar. Minister Soylu also criticized the CHP party and their leader, Kılıçdaroğlu, for their insincerity and cooperation with the PKK.

In addition, Minister Soylu discussed the West’s interference in Turkey’s affairs and stated that they are trying to implement their own plan. He also addressed the current election in Turkey, expressing confidence in their party’s support and the political will of the nation. Minister Soylu emphasized the importance of stability and pledged to continue the fight against drugs and terrorism.


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