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President Erdogan Addresses Turkish Public on Various Issues

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently addressed the public on various issues during a speech. He started by thanking the public for their participation and said that the turnout was fantastic. He expressed excitement over the participation numbers of others.

The president talked about the recent protests in the country and said that he doesn’t believe in the polls. He emphasized that whatever the language of the squares is, it is very important to them. He added that the breed of the question is exciting, referring to a recent statement by an opposition politician.

He also addressed the issue of Selo, a terrorist who killed 51 Kurdish brothers in Diyarbakir. The president clarified that there is nothing against democracy and that Selo is currently in prison for committing a terrorist act. He stressed that it’s not an intellectual or political crime and it’s important to punish such acts.

The president also talked about the number of journalists in prisons and said that there are not as many as claimed. He said that these are lies and asked those who make claims to give the list. He also added that two of the alleged persons became MP candidates from HDP and even he advised the Minister of Justice to investigate how true these claims are.

He then talked about his own experience as a prisoner and said that he was imprisoned for an intellectual crime. He said that he spent 4 months and 10 days in prison and that when he was mayor, those who punished him due to a poem he read in an MEB book paid the price.

In conclusion, the president said that more details will be forthcoming on these issues.


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