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Turkish Vice President vows to back housewives’ retirement benefits

Vice President Fuat Oktay has expressed his gratitude and appreciation to women in Turkey for their efforts, contribution and success, particularly in making Turkey a more livable place. Oktay, who is running for the AK Party deputy seat in Ankara, stated that women are the real superheroes of the country, but they need to be visible superheroes. He mentioned the need for equal opportunities in education, representation in politics, and fair wages to prevent the invisibility and marginalization of women.

Oktay highlighted the AK Party’s contribution to women’s education, social rights, and political representation, and their plans to further support and empower women with policies like the Family Protection Shield Program. Under this program, housewives will receive a depreciation allowance, and the retirement of housewives will be supported. Women will also be given the option to stretch their retirement age based on the number of children they have. The government will cover one third of the premiums paid by housewives on demand.

Additionally, the Family and Youth Bank will provide newly married couples with a 48-month maturity loan of 150 thousand liras with a two-year grace period. The government will introduce the income supplementary family support system to ensure a minimum income level for households and will also take measures to prevent honor killings, domestic violence and abuse.

Oktay believes that by securing constitutional amendments protecting the family establishment by the marriage bond of men and women, Turkey will be a country where women have stronger rights and are more visible. He hopes to see more women making a stronger impact on society and continuing to make Turkey a beautiful place.


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