Turkmenistan participates in World Educational Forum in London

Turkmenistan Participates in World Educational Forum in London

A delegation from Turkmenistan, led by Minister of Education Gurbangul Atayeva, recently attended the World Educational Forum in London. The forum, which brings together education ministers from around the world, seeks to address long-term challenges in the education sector and share innovative developments.

This year’s event took place from May 7 to 10 under the theme “New Beginnings: fostering a culture of learning, increasing sustainability, promoting sustainable development. A stronger, bolder, better education by design.” Sessions covered a range of topics, including improving sustainability in education systems and showcasing countries’ achievements in different areas of education.

The forum’s website emphasized the importance of open dialogue and collaboration among participants. “We hope that your conversations and exchange of opinions at the World Educational Forum will help each participant better understand what can work for our education systems and help to positively influence life and culture,” it said.

Turkmenistan’s participation in the World Educational Forum reflects its commitment to improving its own education sector and learning from best practices around the world.



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