Ukraine aims to extend Black Sea Grain Initiative

Ukraine pushes for extension of Black Sea Grain Initiative, says minister

The Ukrainian Communities, Regions and Infrastructure Development Minister Aleksandr Kubrakov has given his evaluation of the recent Black Sea Grain Initiative meetings held in Istanbul on May 10-11. In a statement on his social media account, Kubrakov stated that the United Nations (UN) and Turkey suggested that the negotiations continue online as Covid-19 restrictions kept physical meetings at bay.

Kubrakov went on to say that “The Ukrainian delegation is pushing for the extension of the grain initiative period and emphasizes that the registration and inspection of ships should continue without delay.”

The Ministry of National Defense also released a statement about the meetings, highlighting that bilateral and multilateral meetings were held with representatives from Ukraine, Russia and the UN. Constructive approaches were taken by all parties involved, making the meetings productive and effective.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative was launched in 2016 to promote grain exports from the Black Sea region. Its main objective is to enhance the competitiveness of the Black Sea grain market and ensure its transparency. The initiative has been successful so far, with Ukraine being one of the largest grain exporters in the world.

The current discussions around extending the initiative period will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Ukraine’s grain exports, particularly given the country’s reliance on this industry. The ongoing registration and inspection of ships is also critical to ensuring the smooth running of the initiative, and Kubrakov’s statement highlights this as a priority. Ukraine’s commitment to the Black Sea Grain Initiative shows its continued dedication to the industry and its importance in the country’s economy.


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