Understanding Mahr: When and Why is it Given? – Diyanet’s Response

Mahr: What It Is and How It Works

Mahr is a term used in Islamic law that refers to the money or property that a man promises to give or gives to his wife at the time of their marriage. The concept of mahr is derived from the teachings of the Qur’an, which states that a husband is required to give his wife a dowry. However, it is forbidden for him to take it back by force.

According to Hanafi school of thought, mahr is one of the results of marriage. Therefore, even if it is not determined during marriage, or if it is stipulated that it will not be given, the married woman is entitled to the mahr.

Mahr is divided into two categories based on when it is paid. If the amount of mahr is determined at the time of marriage, it is called mahr-i musemma. If the amount of the mahr is not determined during the marriage or the determined mahr is deemed invalid for some reason, the married woman deserves the mahr-i misil. In this case, the amount of mahr is the amount received by women who are equal in all respects to their relatives among their relatives.

Depending on the time of payment, mahr is further divided into two categories: mehr-i muaccel and mehr-i mueccel. Mehr-i muaccel is paid in cash, and the woman has the right not to go to her husband’s house until she receives it. Mehr-i mueccel, on the other hand, is the mahr whose payment is deferred. If any time is determined for the payment, the determined mehr must be paid to the woman when that date arrives.

Upon termination of the marriage, the mahr becomes due and must be paid. In other words, in case of divorce, the husband must pay this mahr. In the case of death, it is paid from the inheritance left.

In conclusion, mahr is an essential component of Islamic law and must be followed by all Muslims. It ensures that a woman is guaranteed something, which is rightfully hers in case something unfortunate happens in her marital life.


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