UNODC Regional Representative Completes Mission in Central Asia

Deputy FM of Uzbekistan Meets with UNODC Regional Representative

Deputy Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, Muzaffar Madrakhimov, recently held a meeting with the regional representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Central Asia, Ashita Mittal. Mittal, who is completing her diplomatic mission, was praised for her contributions to the partnership between Uzbekistan and UNODC.

The meeting emphasized the strong level of collaboration between Uzbekistan and the UNODC, particularly in areas such as combating illegal drug trafficking, organized crime, human trafficking, and international terrorism. Mittal’s efforts to enhance cooperation between Uzbekistan and the UNODC and to advance project activities were recognized and commended.

In return, Mittal expressed her gratitude to the Uzbekistan government for their support during her tenure. Mittal has been at the helm of the UNODC regional office since June 2014, working to advance the organization’s mission in Central Asia.

The meeting highlighted the ongoing commitment of Uzbekistan and the UNODC to address critical issues related to security and criminal activities in the region. The partnership between the two entities continues to strengthen, thanks to the dedication and efforts of individuals like Ashita Mittal.



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