Unveiling an Illegal Casino in Osh City

Illegal Gambling Operation Uncovered and Closed Down in Osh City

A recent report from the Press Center of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) has revealed that an illegal gambling activity in Osh city has been stopped. During a search operation conducted in the establishment, authorities discovered and seized 327,000 soms, as well as 16 personal computers.

According to the SCNS, the manager of the casino was found in possession of 597,200 soms, $4,800, 4,000 rubles, and four processors. Further investigations are ongoing to detect and suppress other gambling establishments operating without permits.

This news comes as a result of the Kyrgyz government’s ongoing efforts to combat illegal gambling across the country. Despite being officially banned since 2008, many such establishments continue to operate illegally, often with the help of corrupt officials.

Authorities have repeatedly warned of the negative social and economic consequences of such activities, including money laundering, and have called on citizens to report any suspicious gambling activities in their local areas.

The closure of this establishment is seen as a significant step towards the ultimate goal of eliminating illegal gambling in Kyrgyzstan. The SCNS has urged citizens to continue cooperating with law enforcement officials to help achieve this objective.


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