US reaffirms its backing for North Macedonia’s EU accession

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has met with North Macedonian Prime Minister Dmitar Kovachevski and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in Washington. During the meeting, the strong support of the US for North Macedonia’s EU membership was emphasized by both Blinken and Kovachevski. They stressed the importance of North Macedonia’s EU membership for both the country and the Western Balkan region. The meeting also highlighted the strong cooperation and bilateral relations between the USA and North Macedonia.

A statement released by US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller echoed the importance of Blinken’s contribution to the peace and stability of North Macedonia in the Western Balkans region. The statement also confirmed that the talks centered on the significance of North Macedonia’s EU membership, which is a crucial step for the country’s continued development in the region.

Blinken acknowledged the importance of North Macedonia’s energy diversification and expressed his support for the country’s efforts towards this end. He later posted on social media, “I was delighted to host the Prime Minister of North Macedonia @Dkovachevski today in Washington to support our ally North Macedonia’s EU membership and energy diversification efforts.”

The meeting underscores the commitment of the US in supporting North Macedonia’s continued growth and development, particularly in the areas of EU membership and energy diversification. The strong cooperation and bilateral relations between the USA and North Macedonia are poised to continue, further cementing the two countries’ alliance.


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