USA Bans Social Media Access for Children Under 13 – Breaking News

US Senate Proposes to Ban Social Media Use for Children Under 13

The US Senate has recently agreed to enact a new bill that would prohibit children under the age of 13 from using social media platforms without adult supervision. Additionally, children between the ages of 13 and 17 will be required to obtain parental consent before they can access any social media platform.

The proposed bill aims to address the growing concern among parents and lawmakers regarding the negative effects of social media on children’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Social media has been linked to increased risks of depression, anxiety, and cyberbullying among children who are not mature enough to handle online interactions appropriately.

In order for the bill to become a law, it must pass through both the Senate and the House of Representatives. President Biden must also give his approval before the bill can become law. The bill’s supporters stress the importance of taking this step to protect children’s wellbeing in the digital age.

Once the ban becomes law, social media platforms will be required to implement more robust age verification processes and offer parental control features to ensure that children under 13 cannot access their services. The new legislation aims to provide parents with the necessary tools to manage their children’s online exposure and protect children from the risks associated with early social media use.

The proposed bill has received widespread support from child welfare advocates and parents who believe that social media use should be regulated to ensure children’s safety. However, critics argue that the bill could be difficult to enforce, and it could lead to further restrictions on free speech and online privacy.

Despite the potential challenges, lawmakers believe that it is essential to address the negative impact of social media on children’s mental health and wellbeing. The Senate’s decision is a significant step towards regulating social media and ensuring that children are protected from the potential risks associated with early online exposure.


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