Valencian Producers Alerted to BRTK Announcement

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources is currently conducting work to identify the remaining Valencia orange crops on the branch. In a recent statement, the ministry has called upon producers who have Valencian products and have not been reached to inform the Güzelyurt Agriculture Department. This will help in completing the necessary harvest determination studies for these crops.

Valencia oranges are a popular citrus fruit known for their sweet and juicy taste. It is important for the ministry to accurately determine the remaining crop in order to properly manage and support the orange industry. Producers are encouraged to cooperate and provide the necessary information for this purpose.

The Valencia orange industry plays a significant role in the agricultural sector, and ensuring a successful harvest is crucial for both producers and consumers. By working together, stakeholders can contribute to the sustainable growth of this important sector.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Valencia orange harvest as the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources continues its efforts to support the industry.



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