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Wagner founder claims worsening situation in Bahmut

Russian Security Company Founder Claims Ukrainian President Is Lying About Situation in Bahmut

Yevgeny Prigojin, the founder of Russian security company Wagner, has accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of lying about the situation in Bahmut. In a statement on his social media account, Prigojin claimed that Zelenskiy’s statement about needing time to counterattack in the region was not true. He pointed out that the Ukrainian army is conducting intense clashes in Bahmut and that counterattacks continue at full speed. Prigojin also mentioned that the Ukrainian units have been successful in some places and are entering the flanks.

However, things seem to be going in Russia’s favor in Bahmut. Russian Defense Ministry Spokesperson Igor Konashenkov has announced that Russian troops are advancing in the western parts of Bahmut. Konashenkov also revealed that the airborne troops are helping Russian troops in the region and compressing the Ukrainian troops on the flanks.

Prigojin acknowledged that they are facing a difficult situation in Bahmut, adding that the wings of Bahmut are developing according to the worst scenario. The ongoing clashes in Bahmut have caused concern for countries in the region and beyond, with many calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. However, it appears that the situation remains tense, with both sides taking aggressive stances.


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