Warning: Severe Menstrual Pain Ahead

Endometriosis: The Common Disease You Should Not Ignore

Endometriosis is a disease that affects many women during their reproductive age. According to Gynecological Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. İlker Kahramanoğlu, endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the endometrium is located in places outside of the uterus, such as the ovaries or the region between the intestine and the uterus. If endometriosis forms cysts in the ovaries, these cysts are called chocolate cysts or endometrioma.

While some women with endometriosis may not experience any symptoms or complaints, others may experience premenstrual and menstrual pain in the lower abdomen, pain during sexual intercourse, or chronic pelvic pain. In extreme cases, endometriosis can also lead to infertility.

According to Dr. Kahramanoğlu, a family history of endometriosis is a factor that increases the likelihood of being diagnosed yourself. However, it is not entirely clear what causes endometriosis. Nevertheless, studies have shown that different genetic changes may have an effect on the occurrence of the disease.

Treatment for endometriosis can include painkillers, hormone-containing drugs or surgical operations. Dr. Kahramanoğlu adds that surgery should be performed according to oncological principles, as simply removing the cyst may not eliminate the disease. It is essential to clean all endometriosis foci in the abdomen and observe the ovarian reserves while removing the cyst in the ovary.

While it is possible for women with endometriosis to become pregnant naturally, some may require infertility treatment. In vitro fertilization treatments planned and performed after endometriosis surgery have also shown to have a high success rate.

It is important for women to be aware of the symptoms and risks associated with endometriosis. If you are experiencing pain during your menstrual cycle or pelvic pain, make an appointment with your gynecologist to get checked. Early diagnosis and treatment can help mitigate the effects of this common disease.


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