Water Supply Disrupted from Ercan to Güvercinlik Due to Damaged System During Cleaning Operation

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has recently reported that a drinking water system, which supplies water from the Republic of Turkey to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), has been damaged during cleaning work conducted by the Değirmenlik Municipality in the Ercan airport ring.

As a result of this damage, water will not be available to the southern lines in the TRNC until the issue is resolved. The affected regions include Kırklar, Dilekkaya, Kırıkkale, Erdemli, Yiğitler, Akıncılar, Türkmenköy, Akdoğan, Beyarmudu, Çayönü, and Güvercinlik.

Repair work to fix the fault will begin immediately, and during this time, water supply from Ercan to Güvercinlik will be cut off. Residents are advised to use water responsibly and conservatively during this period, as water will be sourced from local drinking-usage water sources.

The Ministry emphasizes the importance of contacting the Water Works Department for information on routes during excavation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning works to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Stay tuned for further updates on the repair work and water supply in the affected areas.



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