Well-equipped infrastructure in GMB Shelter’s operating room

DND Homes Director Ozan Dökmecioğlu and Mayor Süleyman Uluçay have recently met as part of the “Solidarity Will Heal Famagusta” project. The project aims to reduce the number of stray dogs in Famagusta, Cyprus and create a safe and healthy environment for the public. Ozan Dökmecioğlu and his team at DND Homes sponsored the establishment of the infrastructure of the operating room at the Famagusta Municipality (GMB) Dog Shelter and Rehabilitation Center. This center will be used for sterilizations and reducing the number of stray dogs.

Mayor Uluçay expressed his gratitude towards Ozan Dökmecioğlu for his valuable contribution. He explained that the Municipality is working as a team with non-governmental organizations, business people, and subject experts. They want to create a safe and healthy environment, and ensure that both children and elderly people are not uncomfortable with the increase in the number of dogs on the streets.

Ozan Dökmecioğlu expressed his pride in making this contribution and supporting the efforts of the municipality to control the population of stray dogs. He believes that it is the responsibility of members of society to contribute to the welfare of all living things.

The operating room at the shelter has been developed to ensure that 3-4 sterilizations can be performed every day. The sterilization efforts will be further accelerated with teams coming from Switzerland and Mexico. The shelter will also work towards controlling the number of dogs on the street by registering owned dogs with chips and performing neutering studies.

The contribution made by DND Homes is an important step towards creating a safer and healthier environment for all living things in Famagusta. Other institutions and organizations are also invited to support the municipality’s efforts to achieve these goals.


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