“What happens if the US denies F-16 Block 70 kit to recipient?”

Turkey has requested 79 F-16 Block 70 modernization kits from the United States, which may have implications if the request is not fulfilled. However, İsmail Demir, the President of the Presidency of Defense Industry, remains focused on Turkey’s ÖZGÜR Project, which aims to equip F-16 Fighting Falcon planes with national avionics. The avionics modernization project includes national mission computers, cockpit upper front control panels, and national friend-foe identification systems. The project’s serial production has started, and MURAD AESA Radar is expected to be integrated into aircraft in the future. In 2021, Turkey requested the modernization of 40 F-16 Block 70 fighter jets and 79 F-16 Block 40/50+ to Block 70 level. Despite potential political issues related to relations between countries, Demir remains determined to meet the ÖZGÜR Project’s milestones for equipped planes.


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