Why Fox TV Should Support the Gülcemal Series: Avoiding a Crucial Mistake

Fox TV’s Gülcemal series has become a favorite among audiences looking for an alternative production on Thursday evenings, with the lead roles played by Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen contributing to the series’ success. Although the series faced criticism on social media in the early days for Sezen’s performance, audiences have grown to love the energy of the duo. However, the show’s ratings have been lower than expected, ranking 11th in all people and EU categories and receiving ratings of 3 or below. Despite this, the series has been holding on by getting close to average ratings and finishing fifth in the ABC1 group.

Although the ratings may not be positive, the show has received great support on social media and ranked 7th in Adba TV’s most popular TV series survey between May 1-7. Foreign series fans have also shown intense interest in Gülcemal, as it is one of the most searched Turkish TV series on Google, and foreign TV series fans show great interest in videos on YouTube.

Fox TV has been sacrificing their series for the last two years, creating a feeling of boredom in the audience. Gülcemal may be an opportunity for the channel to reverse this situation, despite the ratings not being as high compared to other shows. It is essential for Fox TV to re-establish an emotional bond with the viewers and produce a new strategy by providing more support for its popular series and by removing the ratings from being the most determining factor for a while. Fox TV’s most important mistake would be to take the final decision by not supporting the Gülcemal series.


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