Winner of Ahmet Sami Topcan Cup to be announced tomorrow night.

The Ahmet Sami Topcan Cup, an annual football tournament organized by the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation, is set to take place in Famagusta. The event will be held at the Fazıl Küçük Stadium, and will feature Famagusta Turkish Power and Yeni Boğaziçi competing against each other.

This cup match has become a traditional event where the champion of the Super A2 League and the champion of the First A2 League face each other in a highly competitive game. The Famagusta Turkish Power A2 team were the winners of the Ahmet Sami Topcan Cup last season.

The challenging match will commence at 19.00 tomorrow evening and will be broadcast live on BRT 2. Football enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating the match, which promises to be a thrilling encounter between the two teams vying for the coveted title.


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